Lander Solicitors Queensland is a newly established boutique Family Law Practice with offices in Brisbane and on the Sunshine Coast.

We assist our clients with every aspect of Family Law, from developing cohabitation agreements for new couples through to property settlements and divorce. Our firm also acts in matters relating to parenting , child support, child protection and domestic and family violence.

Our firm is committed to providing timely and affordable access to the legal system to clients either accessing Legal Aid Queensland or those able to fund their case privately.


I had known Andrew Professionally for over 10 years when I suddenly found myself in a position where I needed a family law firm I could trust and rely on. My ex-partner was threatening to take my young child overseas permanently. I felt worn out by the constant bickering about my child’s future and having to assert my rights as a father. At times my situation felt hopeless and I was almost resigned to the fact my child may go overseas and I would not see my son again. Through clear, practical advice, his unbridled determination and his compassion as a father Andrew gave me hope that there was something I could do to assert my rights to keep my son in Australia and to increase my access to and period of time spend with my toddler. As a result of retaining Andrew I am now spending more time with my child and I am able to be a parent once again rather than a fleeting memory in my child’s mind. Andrew was highly sympathetic to my financial circumstances and he was willing to represent me, taking into account my financial capacity. I am very grateful to Andrew and would encourage anyone requiring a Family Law service to engage Lander Solicitor’s Queensland.


It is with pleasure that I write this testimonial for Andrew. I sought help from Andrew when I separating from my daughters father. At the time my 12 year old daughter was suffering from an eating disorder that was aggravated by my separation from her father and his decision to move interstate. Andrew helped me think positively and shared his experience in working with Dad’s which helped me to understand both sides and my daughters need to have both parents in her life. Andrew was able to come up with a practical solution that allowed my daughter to remain with me (while I worked and also cared for my elderly mother) and to see her father more regularly and reduce her stress. As a result of Andrew’s representation an amicable solution was achieved and my child made a great recovery from her emotional issues after several years of suffering. Andrew was incredibly understanding of my financial difficulties as a single mum and compassionately enabled me to fund services that were affordable. I am exceptionally grateful to Andrew for this. I would not hesitate to recommend Andrew’s firm Lander Solicitors Queensland to anyone who is experience a separation and parenting issues.

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