Domestic and Family Violence

Sadly, domestic and family violence does occur within some families and children are sometimes exposed. Domestic Violence includes physical and emotional abuse, intimidation or harassment and threatening or controlling behavior by a spouse. It is important to remember that you are protected under the law and domestic and family violence is treated very seriously by the courts.

If you are experiencing Domestic Violence, you may wish to think about applying for a Protection Order. Domestic and Family Violence is treated very seriously by the Courts. An application for a protection order is lodged with the Magistrates Court.We recommend contacting police

Certain obligations can be imposed on the offender, such as they must be of good behaviour and cease being violent, that they may not be able to contact you or to go to your home or workplace, and many other conditions. Your children or other relatives or associates may also be named on the order as protected persons. A Protection Order is serious and if breached the offender may be convicted of a criminal offence.

In parenting matters before the Family or Federal circuit Courts, the impact of domestic and family violence is considered with respect to any parenting order that is made. It is important to remember though that domestic violence between parents does not mean that children will not be able to see the perpetrator of violence and each case is considered based on the facts and the extent and type of violence. However, violence against the children by a parent is however taken very seriously.