Property Settlement

The first and foremost thing to keep in mind about Property Settlement is that involves the division of anything accumulated during the marriage or defacto relationship that has value.

At the end of the day it’s about splitting up the property pool and the liabilities and in order to work out what you are entitled.  We will assist you in the process of identifying contributions and looking both you and your ex partner’s present and future needs and making adjustments based on this analysis. Even after that a court can decide to make further adjustments if it believes it is just and equitable to do so.

As a person who has separated you need to work out what information you need to be able to correctly identify the assets, resources and liabilities that make up the property pool and realise that you have rights and obligations in relation to full and frank disclosure.  That is where we can help, as we use our many years of experience in working with thousands of clients to resolve these kinds of issues.

You also need to work out how much you are prepared to spend in order to achieve a result.  At Lander Solicitors Queensland we take our role of advising our clients about costs very seriously.  Essentially we treat your money as if it was our own.  We love nothing better that to work with you to get a result that is fair.

There are different ways to go about negotiating a property settlement, including the traditional way whereby solicitors correspond with one another, or by attendances at round table conferences and Mediations.Lander Solicitors Queensland is there to assist you in terms of helping you find the best way to approach your resolving your property settlement issues.

It is very important to formalise your property settlement by way of Court Orders (including Consent Orders) or a Binding Financial Agreement. Such Orders and Agreements prevent future claims and often allow for stamp duty exemptions on the transfer of property.