Post separation and divorce is often a challenging time for parents when decisions need to be made about parenting children.  It is best for everyone, especially the children, if parents can reach a decision about parenting arrangements amicably.  Consulting a Family Law Firm about your particular situation and seeking advice about your rights and options is a good idea before any decisions are reached.  After considering your options and wishes the next step should be to have a conversation with your ex-partner you propose the parenting situation to look like.  If you are not able or do not feel comfortable having a face to face discussion, a phone call or email is also an effective way to communicate.  It is particularly important that parents try to look at the situation objectively and consider options that in the child’s best interests.

In deciding on the parenting arrangements with ex your partner you should consider:

  • The place where the children will live most of the time
  • How after they spend time with the parent with whom they do not
  • Where the Changeover of the children occur and at what
  • How often and when the children can contact each parent by phone when theywith the other parent.
  • Plans for special celebrations, including Christmas, Easter, Mother’s Day,Day and birthdays.
  • Who will have primary responsibility for choosing the school the children attend medical decisions and whether these decisions will be made jointly or by the parent with whom the child is living.

Agreements, if they can be reached should be recorded in either a parenting plan or a Court Order. If you cannot agree or if there is an urgent matter involving relocation or risk of harm, the next step is to see a solicitor to proceed with either mediation or applying directly to court (in urgent matters or where there are special circumstances).If you have primary care of the children, you should also contact Centrelink and the Child Support Agency to determine your eligibility for child support and Centrelink payments such as the Family Tax Benefit or parenting payment.

If you have a parenting matter you wish to discuss contact Lander Solicitors Queensland your family law specialists.