Grandparent and Relative Rights

Children have a right to spend time and communicate with not only both their parents, but other significant people in their lives, including grandparents and other relatives.
If you are a grandparent who has been affected by a family breakdown you can apply to the Court to seek parenting orders in relation to your grandchildren. The two most common types of applications are:
• An application to spend time and communicate with the grandchildren. These applications are usually made where the parents are refusing any meaningful relationship between the children and the grandparents. The type of contact likely to be granted by the Court will depend on the individual circumstances of the case, however it is usually less time than is ordered in favour of a parent.
• Applications to obtain parental responsibility for the children and orders for the children to live with you. These applications are usually made where both parents are unwilling, unable or lack the capacity to care for the children (for example, as a result of addiction problems or family violence).

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